Meet Your Instructor

Misty Murray

We are excited to introduce you to Misty Murray. As a key player at BPTU, Misty is more than an instructor; she has over 23 years of experience as a litigation & trial paralegal, she is a legal tech innovator, a mentor, a motivator, and a catalyst for growth. 

With a passion for paralegal excellence and an unrivaled knack for delivering engaging e-courses and workshops, Misty is your go-to guru for self-paced, on-demand learning experiences that elevate the legal community.

Misty brings her extensive expertise and captivating teaching style to every course she designs. From mastering legal fundamentals to diving deep into specialized areas, she curates content that empowers paralegals to seize their career potential like never before.

But Misty’s not just about textbooks and dry lectures – oh no! With a sprinkle of her witty charm and a dash of humor, she injects life into the legal education journey. Her e-courses are designed to keep you engaged and excited, ensuring that learning is not just a necessity but a delightful experience.

Misty is on a mission is to build a thriving paralegal community, where camaraderie and support reign supreme. 

With a genuine commitment to each learner’s success, she fosters a collaborative atmosphere where questions are encouraged, discussions are dynamic, and connections are forged.

Misty’s workshops inspire confidence and courage, equipping you with the tools to conquer any legal challenge that comes your way. 

With her guidance, you’ll unlock your full potential, expand your skillset, and position yourself as a legal powerhouse in your industry.

So, gear up for an adventure with Misty Murray and BPTU – where paralegal meets education, empowerment, and inspiration in a thriving community that’s Beyond Paralegals!